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Friday, August 4, 2017

The End of Summer... What my A/C system needs now...

Well, We made it... or Almost made it to the end of Summer.
We still have a lot of warm weather to go but the worst is behind us, now we start keeping a wary eye on the tropics for the rest of the hurricane season
What your A/C system needs now is an inspection for buildup from all the A/c run time & potentially get all the build up cleaned off the Evaporator coil, which is the coil in the inside part of the furnace or Air Handler Unit (AHU)...

 When we turn off our A/C units in a couple months, everything on the coil & in the unit starts to dry up or become flaky and become airborne a lot easier, since the moisture that was on the coil every day during Air Conditioning season was holding it in place & also allowing it to build-up.  Get somebody to look at your unit & get it cleaned before the change of season.
The worst health reactions that I see from HVAC system related illnesses come at the change of the season going from cooling to heating; the fist heater cycle causes all that stuff to burn or bake off the coil and then it blows into the duct system and on into the home .... this can be really bad for somebody with bad allergies or sensitivities
 Also  if your air filter looks like this: its time for a change

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Friday, February 3, 2017

We declare war on mercury bulb thermostats

The time has come for us to talk about thermostat upgrades.  If you still have an older style T-stat that still has mercury bulbs in it... you can do better!  Better temperature control, better energy efficiency and less wear & tear on your HVAC equipment.  Plus, you will have a better, more precise, reading of the indoor temperatures & how often the unit cycles On & Off… Why are you still using the last century’s technology in a system to help you to be comfortable, healthy and energy efficient in your home or office?


 A word of warning: If you are going to try & change this beast out on your own, be careful; that really is mercury in those little bulbs & it is hazardous or even dangerous to

human health if you have contact or don’t dispose of it properly. 
 I have personally, declared war on these old thermostats, They are outdated, inefficient, lack accuracy, and are hard to see & set for the elderly or less tech-savvy homeowner, especially if you are trying to see exactly what the temperature “is”, and “is set at” in your home.

Why not have a large digital display, in numbers, that tells you just exactly what the temperature is & not a “range, or best guess” by an outdated piece of history controlling your system.
So, What should you do?
The best thing for you is to think about all the features & functions you would personally want or use; for example, outdoor temperature, or indoor & outdoor humidity, weather forecast or even wireless Wi-Fi controls from your smart phone!!  Then have us match and install a new thermostat to your existing system.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The New Year, 2017

In HVAC & IAQ terms, this year is going to be great.
 We're all going to learn something new...
Let's start with the informal education; like the term HVAC - Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and IAQ - Indoor Air Quality;  there you have it it simple and pretty self-explanatory.
 As for the greatness of the New Year, I feel as if some of the restrictive or controlling regulations in our industry are going to be loosened, lessened, or altogether removed this year; this will benefit the marketplace & therefore be better for the service providers (AKA small business) & more importantly, better for the Consumers! 
Healthy competition is always good for the marketplace, driving value, ethics, competency & professionalism in the buying environment; who wouldn't want that?
Licensing is one regulation we need & it is paramount to the operation of a small business in Florida, in the HVAC field; Whether you are providing large scale HVAC services to big commercial accounts or if you are a Mom & Pop shop providing Air Duct cleaning & residential Filter services...You need to be licensed; It's the same for many industry tradesman, like Electricians, Roofers, Plumbers... You don't want to hire a tradesman that is not competent or qualified to do a job like this and NOT being licensed is surely a big "TELL" for competency, training, experience & Ethics in the marketplace.

Continuing education goes along this the licensing & qualification part of being in business.
Just imagine if you weren't familiar with the technology changes that we all live with every day; Like computers, Smart phones and access to the internet... I remember my skills needed a significant update when I got my 1st smart phone a few years ago.
Thank goodness for my younger  Tech-Savvie Employees...
The same is true for continuing Education in the trades; things change & there is always a requirement for needed training and education.
LASTLY, just watch the transformation of Automated Home Technology this year and the next 2 or 3 years.
Every year this time, I have a new-found Optimism for what lies ahead on the short & long haul
Happy New Year!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Air Duct Cleaning Scams

Why are there so many scams?
Where is the honesty in business? Everybody wants a shortcut or a easy way out ! THIS is understandable given our current economical situation but this is not the reality of the world we live in today. We have to look our for our selves... WE have to get us out of this mess we have gotten into.

People, you have to do the work! its as simple as that;  NO LOW ROADS OR SHORT CUTS!!!!
But I also think that the consumer needs to be aware of what a "load of goods" they are being sold.

There are no $10 diamond rings... this is a fallacy... Nor are there $99 or $159 Air Duct Cleaning jobs... remember, if it sounds too good to be true... it probably is !
Most often, this CHEAP, BAIT 'NSWITCH, BLO 'N GO DEAL is an UNLICENSED CONTRACTOR; and that is misusing the term "contractor" because in Florida, these carpet cleaning leeches are not required to be "contractors"; They are the furthest thing from "a Licensed Contractor"...  you don't need to be a contractor to clean carpets, windows, or do pressure-washing in this state but if your are going to Inspect, Clean or Restore an HVAC System  You damn well better have an HVAC contractors License for the STATE OF FLORIDA
Lets get back to the honest effort that our forefathers (or even our parents or grandparents) used to put out as wise consumers;  to the actual true meaning or values of "The American Dream" and being responsible, wise or self reliant.  At least accept the blame if your get scammed.  Lets face is you are un-uneducated consumer if you get burned by a bait &switch.  Take charge of your own situation, don't let someone else have to cover the tab when you get burned.  Do the research.
Lots of people chalk it up to technical advancement in so many areas of modern life, but I believe we have all gotten very lazy... Technology is a wonderful thing for all of us but we must maintain principles & INTEGRITY to move forward  with all this technology...
There will always be somebody from far away trying to separate you from your money... but just use your Head !
SHOP locally, Ask questions, Be patient, & Demand excellence from you business contacts or merchants ....THINK
What does this have to do with Air Duct Cleaning?.... Ethics?  Nothing, except the obvious...  as a local small business owner, this article makes me feel better; because as I go thru my business week I think a lot of people feel that same way that I do, as I have expressed here... I want to do something about it.  The title of this BLOG does include "WE THE PEOPLE" ... The state an for reference to this entry, the State of Florida doesn't have the manpower to police every scammer & con-artist out there trying to separate you from your money; the consumer needs to accept the responsibility for their own  judgement, And WHY NOT,  do the research, the technology to figure out who's who is right at the end of your fingertips...
You call me & you be the judge.
For more info on business ethics, Air Duct Cleaning  or Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) go to

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Solar Tax Credit? really? what about existing waste...

Well the voters have spoken.... "Solar" get tax exempt status...
How many people plan on doing a solar project? What does it cost?
Will is  "pull its own weight" in the energy savings arena? What is the projected payback?
many many questions...
I have one... Why don't we focus on the energy waste that nearly every home has due to duct leakage & increased power & Utility costs, for the consumer & producer?
Bring back credits for insulation, HVAC energy improvements, like duct sealing & air sealing and tightening of the building envelope...

We have so much waste right now existing in the current housing stock, but yet our legislators and power brokers that are subject to the influence of special interest want to focus on programs that are "pie in the sky" returns and defacto failures for the recent past.. remember Solyndra?  where did that half a billion dollars go to?
With half a billion dollars applied to tax credits for home energy improvements, that we had as recently at 2008 & 2009 (from the previous administration, I might add) we could infuse the  local economy with consumer dollars saved from reduced power bills each & every month... in the areas where the work is done, the job is produced & the power grid and its environmental effects are reduced...
Imagine tighter duct systems, better, more efficient heating & cooling, better insulation and reduced demand for power during peak hours...
I don't want a mandate, just give the people the incentive to reduce their energy costs by reducing their energy consumption

Lots of people want to tax incentivize solar, but does the general public realize that for a typical $10,000 solar project, you could get significantly higher energy and comfort impact for a infinitesimal fraction of the cost of solar project; consider how much improvement you could have with a  $500-$1000 investment in the above listed energy improvements.
I guess that air sealing & duct sealing is just not SEXY enough on the political / special interest agenda

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Right Fluff

 Ok, picture this,
the attic is recently blown full of fiberglass insulation and you are happily waiting for the lower power bills for the next couple of summer months, Did you have all the duct work tested & sealed before you did that? What about your aluminum wiring or possibly the pex or polybutylene plumbing joints that are leaking all over the country?  Maybe even the cable guy or security system guys have to go up there…Did you get that work done first?  The Key to insulation is that its fluffed up for maximum R-value , if somebody has to work in your attic after you’ve insulated, then the new stuff is going to be all matted down & not worth a hoot…so much for your R-49 insulation project.
If you have dust issues or high power bills you should get a test of the duct or building envelope before you insulate, these issues can be way more costly than the benefit you will get from insulation. Don’t get me wrong Insulation is very important… but timing is everything!!!
So figure out what you might need done in the attic, schedule the inspections, & estimates, work, testing, etc. etc., and set a plan in motion; if it takes a year, then It takes a year… no big deal, However, here is what you should be thinking about before insulation…
 Duct Leaks ~ Do you have excessive Dust or Hot & cold rooms?  This is important because it indicates that there may be an issue in a specific part of the house or with the ducts in the attic. 
  High Utility bills ~ Just do a review of last Summer’s bill & see if it went way up, if you are on level-pay, look at your actual electricity usage  or consumption, If you have high power bills it could be that you need insulation or duct sealing.
Get the right kind of fluff!!!! Don’t have somebody crawling thru you new insulation job because you got out of sequence on your energy upgrade… If you need help with a project plan
Call us at (850) 677-0020
Remember, for our area Gulf Power recommends  R-49 insulation & the code is R-39 on new construction at a minimum…
  So Get Your Fluff Right!

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